Friday, April 9, 2010

Kids are on school break so there's less time for posting - I will punt by posting some recent paintings by an obscure painter living in the NW - me. Here are several I've been working on for the Urban exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum Gallery coming up. Do they look suitably urban?
This is Work Zone:

This last is Front Window/Monorail. Maybe they all would benefit from provocative, cool titles, of which I have none. . .


  1. I especially love Work Zone. It crackles like an Arshile Gorky.

  2. Hi, Suzanne. I am doing some catching up on blogs. I was travelling recently and saw that you had posted some your own work, but since I had a poor and hurried internet connection, I decided to save this post until I got home and could take it in at a more leisurely pace.

    This is very nice work. I particularly like the colors and strong lines in the first. And the Front Window / Monorail is great, the whoosh of the street contrasting with the stability of the window as suggested by the framing to the right. Good luck with the Seattle Art Museum Gallery show and keep us posted.

    As for your comment on whether and/or why Van Gogh is more celebrated than Goya, there is something about Van Gogh's art work and life that seem to have captured the popular imagination (and pop culture, e.g., Don McLean's Starry, Starry Night) more than Goya. Or so it seems to me, anyway. This is certainly not true in Spain, where I live, though. Goya is very much present in popular culture here.

  3. Thank you both for your kind remarks. I've been reading about Goya lately - writer Siri Huvsted has a lot to say about him that I find intriguing.