Monday, April 12, 2010

I wish I still lived in LA, because I would definitely want to go to the reception this Thursday night at the Andrewshire Gallery on Wilshire Blvd. My former teacher at Otis, Franklyn Liegel, will be part of an exhibition called Mind Game. At left is a detail from Clandestine Gaudi, a piece that will be in the show.

As you can see, he works in collage and assemblage and creates richly layered pieces. Some of these are from previous exhibitions. (These blue pieces are posted on this blog spot called Said and Done.)

You can see that he does not limit himself to simple rectangles. In class, we experimented with all kinds of canvas combinations, including diptychs with panels of uneven sizes. At left is Barcelona Dwelling. This and more pieces are posted on the Art Center site (where he also teaches).

I've had a number of teachers who are able to help with technique, but most can only show you how they paint. Franklyn was the only teacher who seemed to be able to help each student start finding his/her own style, and the first to help me realize how important it is to immerse yourself in images, to look and look, until you see what it is you respond to.

Do you say "break a leg" with an art opening? Probably not. So, thank you and congratulations, Franklyn.

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