Monday, June 28, 2010

This week marks one year since I started this blog. I began with the intent of plugging some of the gaping holes in my knowledge of art history, and I feel that while there is still so much to learn, the holes aren't quite so gaping. Tempus is fugiting as far as time to paint goes, and so in order to be able to devote more time to pushing the paint around, I've decided to wrap up this project. So this last one today will be it.

Just read a really long piece by Russian-born artist Olitski describing the incredibly long time it took for him to break into a gallery. (Of his appointment with dealer Betty Parsons years ago, he recalls the assistant saying, "Oh, she must have forgotten. She's gone for the day."

Finally, he got his foot in the door when he made up a story about a persecuted Russian artist who had painted these pictures - would the dealer (Alexander Iolas) please take a look? Iolas proclaims him a genius but insists on meeting the artist. Olitski has no choice but to tell the truth. He got his show.

Here's one I like for its rich layering, called Third Day, acrylic on canvas, 2000. Since I'm trying to create richer surfaces and experiment with color, I'm finding out how hard it is not to have some of those colors just go flat or come forward too much. Somehow there is both tension and harmony here, don't you think?

Above left at top is a print by Robert Rauschenberg and Susan Weil, Untitled, 1950. Included it today for its balancing theme and ghostly character.

Thank you all who've visited, commented and lurked.


  1. Tempus is semper fugiting : )

    Congratulations on your blogiversary!

  2. Well, damn.

    And yet, I understand why you'd choose to make "pushing paint around" your priority. Who'd care to argue you out of that?

    Nevertheless, I hope you leave the blog up, even if you don't intend to update it ever again. I love revisiting your old posts, and would love to continue doing so. I don't even care if that sounds selfish!

    This blog is unique. Thank you for giving us such a reliable quota of beauty.

  3. Thanks so much for your kind words - they mean a lot. I will definitely leave it up (especially since I don't really know how to take it down). A friend of mine has a pretty old Proust site that still receives visits every day. Thanks again.

  4. I'll miss the blog, Suzanne. It's been a great ride and I wish you the very best on all your projects, artistic and otherwise. I am glad you will leave the blog up. And, as the old saying goes, don't be a stranger...

  5. This is sad news except for the "more painting" part. But it's obvious that the blog could suck up every bit of your spare time -- there's so much to explore. I've admired your persistence and willingness to explore *with* us. I trust that you'll keep us posted on your projects as the time is right. Nice job, Suzanne. XOXO.

  6. I have no excuses now - not sure if that's a good strategy or not. . THanks, Julie.

  7. 來看你了~心在、愛在、牽掛在,幸福才會繁衍不息^^..................................................

  8. Just when I was really going to get involved here! Isn't that always the way.

    Just looking at the list of artists you've tackled, you have created quite a body of work here. It's really something to be proud of.

    Actually, it stands to reason that you are going to devote more time to your painting. It's the old "Those who can, do" thing.

    I will be looking forward to seeing you create much more beautiful art for us to enjoy.