Friday, March 26, 2010

Sometimes it's refreshing to look at something that's nothing like anything you would ever try to undertake - all those curves and not one offset by a geometric shape. Do you like that it's pushed so far toward abstraction that you can really tell exactly what your vantage point is? After a few minutes, it seems to me that maybe the viewer is looking down on a beach and the sea from a great height. And what is the shape on the upper right that seems so necessary to the composition?

I even kind of like the artist's signature smack dab in the middle of the painting. Have you heard of him? This is Landscape by Thomas Mukarobgwa. Evidently he is entirely self taught. He developed an interest in art while working as a gallery attendant at the National Gallery of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). He was fortunate to have the encouragement of the gallery's director and became one of the founding members of an art school that started in the museum's basement. He began to gain some notoriety during the 60s, and some feel his work shows similarities to that of the German Expressionists (Art, Dr. Robert Belton, p. 367). (By the way, he sculpted more than he painted, but also kept his job as gallery attendant until 1997 when he was in his seventies.)

And now it's off to make the dreaded school lunches which, by my calculations, I will still be making into my seventies. And you? Are you making something today - besides lunches, that is?

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