Friday, October 16, 2009

You are lost the instant you know what the result will be. Juan Gris

Not the words of a math teacher, I guess. . . still thinking about how creativity works - came across these words of Diebenkorn:

Part of painting is physical. Another part is intellectual. The most highly prized aspect is intuitive, which is operative. The percentage changes with each painting.
There should be a balance. (from Diebenkorn by Gerald Norland, p. 260.

Does the percentage change for you? What do you think? How do you work? Diebenkorn was known to work and re-work paintings, with countless revisions until he was satisfied with every element, every line, the relationships between the colors. Seems like planning a composition is an intuitive thing.

Here's Diebenkorn's Seated Nude - Black Background from 1961. Looking at that small shape on the right - not sure what it is, but I think it'd be missed if it weren't there.

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